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What is Subtle Body Healing


what is SBHLeela, Prasad, and Alvina have an intuitive gift with energy. They have developed a distinctive approach to the chakra energy system and a comprehensive map of the subtle bodies, which are the energy layers of the aura that surrounds the physical body. From their vast experience they have distilled the essential elements of energy work and healing that they teach in their Subtle Body Healing training.

Subtle body healing is a comprehensive healing method that opens and balances your entire energy system. It clears and energizes all the chakras as well as the subtle bodies. The openness and flow of energy through your chakras determines your state of health and well being on every level. With more energy, your intelligence increases and your life and work is more fulfilling and successful.

You can receive Subtle Body Healing in sessions and in our Subtle Body Healing courses and trainings. In the training you can also learn to give Subtle Body Healing sessions.

Benefits of Subtle Body Healing:

Subtle Body Healing makes a real difference in your life.

  • Awakens your creative and intuitive intelligence.
  • Strengthens your essential nature and your inner sources of energy.
  • Connects you with your own universal healing power that is within you.
  • Releases karma and disturbed energy from your childhood and past lives.
  • Restores the natural flow and balance of your whole energy system.
  • Brings new energy, vitality, balance, harmony and clarity into every aspect of your life.

Subtle Body Healing sessions are gentle and relaxing. Your healer will connect to you through the heart and be in a deep synchronicity with you. Through this synchronicity everything that happens in the healing will be in a deep harmony with you. You can ask the healer to focus on a specific issue that you have in which you would like new possibilities. Or you can ask your healer to find and release energies that are blocked, weakened, or disturbed, and to bring them back into their natural flow and balance.

After Subtle Body Healing, people report that they feel free from old limiting habits, and have more energy, aliveness and joy in their life. Many feel closer to their own nature, see themselves and others more clearly and have more acceptance and love for themselves and others. Others report to be more open to new possibilities and challenges in their life. 

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