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About the Chakras


about chakrasThe chakras are seven energy centers in the body. They are part of our energy system and are described by yoga as a practical map and guide for the transformation of human consciousness.

The chakras are not theoretical, but actual energy centers, located in specific places in the body that can be felt, seen and experienced by anyone who wants to. Each chakra generates an energy field surrounding the physical body that is referred to as the subtle bodies.

The flow of energy in the chakras can be disturbed by painful experience or limiting of thinking about yourself, which can have a direct impact on every aspect of life. Subtle Body Healing opens the flow of energy in each chakra, giving more aliveness, balance, creativity in the different areas of your life. Experiencing your chakras can greatly expand your understanding of yourself and give you valuable insight in ways that you can transform your life.

The following is a brief description of the chakras.

First Chakra – This energy center is located at the base of the spine in the center of the pelvis. The first chakra is the connection to the earth. It gives a practical approach to life and dealing with money, basic physical needs and the ability to take care of ourselves. The energy of this chakra has an earthy quality and the color red is associated with it The issues in this chakra are survival fear, sexual issues and physical vitality.

Second Chakra – This chakra is located just behind the navel. This center gives the sensitivity to feel, feeling emotions, sensuality and pleasure. Through this center we feel connected and intimate with others. Relationship, emotional and childhood issues are in this chakra. The color orange is associated with the second chakra.

Third Chakra – The third chakra is located in the solar plexus area. Its energy is fiery and gives a feeling of power and vitality. This chakra is action oriented and helps us to assert ourselves as unique individuals. Integrity is key to this chakra. Some of the issues in this chakra are over control, collapse, domination, power struggles and conflict. The color yellow is associated with the third chakra.

Fourth Chakra – The fourth chakra is located in the center of the chest and is often called the heart center. Love, compassion, acceptance naturally occur here. It is through this center that the energies of the other chakras are transformed and come into balance. The fourth chakra is a doorway into a timeless space that is silent - still. It is within this space that we experience peace, and feel centered in the middle of life’s challenges. Some of the issues related to the heart center are the ability to give and receive love, and self acceptance. The color green is associated with the fourth chakra.

Fifth Chakra – This chakra is located in the center of the throat. It gives the ability to communicate and is involved in every aspect of creative expression and how we create our life. Our belief structure is located in this chakra, which influences our emotions and how we think and respond to life. Some of the issues in this chakra are: believing that there are a lack of options, difficulty communicating and expressing oneself, blocked creativity and excessive thinking. The colors blue/turquoise are associated with the fifth chakra.

Sixth Chakra – This chakra is located in the center of the head and is connected to the third eye. It is through this chakra that we have the clarity and vision to see beneath the surface of life, what is not so apparent and to see deeply into ourselves, others and life situations. Intuition and inner vision is associated with this chakra. Some of the issues in this chakra are: narrow vision, confusion, lack of clarity, excessive day dreaming and fantasizing. The colors deep blue/violate are associated with the sixth chakra.

Seventh Chakra – The seventh chakra is located on the top of the head. It is often referred to as the crown chakra. It is through this chakra that we are connected to the whole of life. It gives a feeling of oneness, and sense of being that is beyond the personality. An issues in this chakra is feeling separate and alienated from life. The colors purple/white are associated with this chakra.

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