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meditationMeditation is the basis of all classes, courses, and trainings that we present.

Meditation is coming back home to your source, to truth, to beauty, to re-discovering in your depths who you are. Meditation is an opportunity to discover your true nature, your Buddha-nature.

Most of us live busy lives full of activities that can be productive and an opportunity to express our abilities. However, we can often feel burdened and stressed by all that we have to do. Meditation is a simple and effective way to not feel burdened and stressed by life. Meditation makes it possible to function at our best while being relaxed and to enjoy life even when facing challenges.

Meditation is the science of turning your awareness towards yourself, your own nature. With meditation you enter in, finding the natural harmony and peacefulness that is at your center. This natural relaxation connects you to your inner source, to all that is beautiful and valuable within you. Through meditation you discover the love, clarity, wisdom, aliveness, and many other qualities that bring joy and richness into your life.

Meditation restores the balance of relaxation and activity. Through meditation you return to what is harmonious and natural for you. This makes it possible to have less stress and tension in your life. Living with less stress protects the health of your body and keeps your emotions in balance. It heightens the capacity of your mind to think creatively and intelligently and makes it easy to have clarity in your life. Meditation opens your senses and makes it easy to learn, which is becoming more and more important in our rapidly changing world. Meditation not only gives you a better life, it connects you with the source of existence within you. It is the wellspring from which you come and to which you return. 

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