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Heart is the Doorway


Increasing your awareness of your inner nature through meditation happens easily through the doorway of the heart. Every culture recognizes there is a quality called heart, a soft spot inside in which you feel caring to others and yourself. The heart is this and much more. Heart is a vital part of you and can have a direct impact upon every aspect of your life.

Heart gives a feeling of space that is relaxing and peaceful. It brings you into the moment, in touch with yourself and connects you to your intuitive and creative intelligence. The heart makes it easy to accept and understand yourself without judgment. Through the heart there is clarity of perception and a heightened alertness. You see yourself and your talents with greater insight and are connected to your inner strengths. Heart is the source of compassion and enables you to really see and know another person.

The loving atmosphere of the heart does not reject or judge whatever you are experiencing each moment. With the heart, you naturally love yourself as you are. Whenever you have disturbing thoughts or your mind is racing, your heart does not say, "I hate thoughts", and try and stop them. The heart doesn't try to get rid of them, nor does it cling to them. The heart lets the thoughts float like clouds in a clear sky. When you have emotions that are unsettling, your heart does not reject them. The heart enables you to feel your emotions, tenderly, caringly, similar to a loving mother feeling tender and caring for her child. When you hear disturbing sounds, the heart absorbs the sounds into a peaceful silence. Your heart gives you space to be yourself. With the accepting quality of the heart, you relax and your awareness naturally expands and you become aware of the many beautiful qualities inside. 

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