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Essence of You


Essence of YouIn this course the focus is on discovering who you are at your center, which makes creating from your essential nature a reality.

You are likely aware of the personality you show to the world, but what about the many beautiful inner treasures that you have deeper inside?

In "Essence of You", you are becoming centered in your innermost nature by shining light on your strengths, natural talents and gifts that are already in you, like diamonds waiting to be discovered. This is a beautiful and moving experience and it can show you what is possible when your life is created from your essential nature.

Connecting to your center makes it possible to know what is really important in your life. In this seminar you discover that it is qualities like love, courage, determination, and compassion, that make your life rewarding and deeply fulfilling. You learn that these essential qualities are always available inside of you and how to connect to these qualities at any time and make them part of your life.

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