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Internet classes


Internet Classes

We offer telephone classes after you complete each seminar and training so that you can ground what you learn. Our time together in the groups is concentrated and it is valuable for you to have time to practice afterwards. These telephone classes give you support for this needed practice and the opportunity to share your experiences and receive feedback. We also present new material, do healing exercises and give you a valuable opportunity to deepen your natural abilities to heal.

In these telephone classes we creatively respond to your individual needs and interests. You can ask questions, and receive help for specific issues that you may have. In these sessions, a profound healing happens in an atmosphere of love and meditation.

As always, in the telephone classes, we meet in synchronicity, which is a powerful energy of love formed when two or more people meet in the heart. The power of love, when joined with each individuals yearning for self-expansion greatly enhances your ability to live your life with joy and to have what is really important for you.

Open to anyone: "Love, Understanding, and Clarity"

We also offer internet classes that are open for anyone who wants to deepen their own understanding or have more clarity about an area of their life. This winter we offer a new series of teleclasses called "Love, Understanding, and Clarity". These are 3 essential ingredients of awareness that naturally arise inside. Love arises when you connect with the heart chakra, understanding arises in the fifth chakra, and clarity in the sixth chakra.

In each class you will have the opportunity to nourish these qualities within you and learn how to access and express them in practical ways in your daily life. As always we will start with the heart and as your love deepens the energies of the first three chakras continue to heal and strengthen. In our view all of you have had significant healing of the lower chakras, even though sometimes, painful feelings may resurface. Loving yourself as you are transforms the energies of the lower chakras, your energy increases and rises to the super conscious dimensions of the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras.

As the fifth chakra opens, you naturally have a deeper understanding of your life, which is far greater than intellectual understanding. With the understanding of the fifth chakra you spontaneously become free of limited mindsets and ways of thinking. Your energy is released and you become more creative, responding to life in ways that you may not even imagine.

As you continue on your journey of rising consciousness, your sixth chakra, the third eye opens. When this happens it is like the sun shining through dark clouds of thoughts and feelings, making them transparent. What is unclear in your life becomes more clear, you see your life path, your achievements, and your true potential. Everything around you looks more beautiful – trees are greener, you listen more carefully, you feel the universal rhythm flowing through all of life. As your third eye continues to open, you recognize everything has its own unique beauty; you value yourself and others and come to love your life.

This journey begins with the heart and comes back to the heart, where love, understanding and clarity come together in "witnessing", the expanded state of awareness in which you watch the exquisite dance of life unfold before your eyes.

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