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Individual Sessions


Sessions with Alvina and Prasad

Essential Life Consulting is an opportunity to be centered in your inner being. At the same time you learn how to take practical steps to live according to your true nature and have what is important to you in life. You are shown how to integrate the inner dimensions of your being or soul with your outer material world. This gives you the experience of having inner richness and outer richness together so that you live a balanced and rewarding life.

Subtle Body Healing is a gentle and soothing way of working with your energy. A deep healing happens through illuminating and radiating the chakras and subtle bodies with the natural healing energy of the heart. Painful emotions, tensions and stress in the body and mind are dissolved, giving you a deep feeling of relaxation, well-being and joy. Subtle Body Healing harmonizes all of the different energies and is a delight to experience.

Metaphysical Reading is a very special energy reading. In the loving and open atmosphere of the heart we look: Where are you right now? What is helpful for you? What possibilities do you have? We shine light on your unique nature and how it can be recognized and expressed in your life. You receive clarity about hindrances that may be in your way and what can help you to go beyond them. This reading helps you recognize new possibilities that are available and understand what steps you can take.

Open Session – Counseling This session transforms painful situations that happen in relating, work, money or other issues. Alvina, Leela and Prasad can bring clarity to your issues, helping you to feel and to see the different aspects in a wider context and to understand what's happening in a new way. You will receive practical help in dealing with your issues and in finding new possibilities of how to respond.

Relating You can learn to bring more love into your life. This session brings clarity, opening and new possibilities to the way you are relating with others and yourself. The session helps you to love yourself more, to relate with friends, family or colleagues with less conflicts or fear and with more compassion and love. You learn what to do if you are looking for a partner or if you want to have more love, joy, and creativity in your intimate relationship.

For more information and to book a session, please email us.


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