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Men’s Liberation


Men LiberationOSHO created this group in which he gives men the possibility to discover their true nature and to live in freedom. It is for men who want to find out for themselves what it is to be a man. It is for men who want to be in their power, fully engaged in life and enjoy all that life has to offer. It is for men who value having meaningful relationships that nurture and support you. The secret to this is balance. For centuries mystics and enlightened ones have known that every man and every woman has both male and female energies within. When either of these energies is out of balance or missing in our life, we can feel incomplete and weighed down by all of life's challenges. Even if we are succeeding in life, we can feel something is missing.

This group gives a direct experience of your male and female energies so that you can discover their deeper nature and recognize what each contributes in your life. You will learn the art of balance and how these two essential sides of you can come into harmony.

Many of the issues that we men face today are: conflict with women, with other men or with yourself; the stress of feeling there is too much to do and that you are not strong enough or have enough time; the feeling that life is meaningless and just filled with boring routines; the inability to open to and have fulfilling relationships. All these and many more disturbances in your life can begin to disappear as we become conscious, aware of our deeper nature.

For many hundreds of men this group has been a deeply moving experience. It is lead by Prasad who has been involved in leading and developing the Men's liberation group from the very beginning in India and later in America. The journey is intense and at the same time very relaxed and deeply pleasurable. By accepting the challenge of entering this group fully and openly, you will touch upon the promise of transformation - releasing the natural love in your heart and the power and intelligence of being a man. You will experience, perhaps for the first time, what it is to feel complete and centered within yourself. 

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