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Freedom From Emotional Eating


Freedom From Emotional EatingEnjoy food and be healthy, magnetic and naturally attractive! This nourishing, cleansing process heals your relationship with your body and food, bringing your body, mind, and emotions into balance.

Through eating a special detoxifying diet with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, you naturally lose excess weight, while eliminating the unhealthy habits and cravings that drive you to overeat, or eat foods that aren't healthy for you.

Our healing processes and guided meditations facilitate a deep purification of your energy and emotions. This releases limiting emotional patterns, negative thinking, judgments, and self-criticism related to your body and eating. Together we explore the intricate relationship between your emotions, deeper needs, and food, so that you can respond to your needs intelligently. What you eat affects your moods, and your moods affect your food choices.

You'll learn simple and effective principles of nutrition and how to customize and practically apply them to your life. As we find the right foods for your body, you'll feel nourished and satisfied. This transforms the process of losing weight, enabling you to enjoy food more, while breaking unhealthy cycles of addictive eating.

Our guided heart meditations create a powerful atmosphere of love and acceptance, dissolving needless feelings of guilt and shame. This transforms how you feel about your body, so that you can connect to it in a loving way with care and sensitivity. As you learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, you naturally make healthy, satisfying food choices that feel good. This connection to your body enables you to find new enjoyable ways of eating that are right for you.

As you achieve your healthy eating goals and integrate these changes into your life, you become attractive and magnetic - simply by radiating your inner and outer beauty. Changing what you eat, and how you care for yourself nurtures your body and being, giving you new energy, joy, and zest for life!

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