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About us

AlvinaAlvina has the gift of intuition and helps people recognize and develop their own intuition and unique talents. In an uncomplicated and loving way she is able to bring acceptance, understanding and clarity even into difficult situations. She encourages and supports you to find and stand in your own strength, and to bring more joy and relaxation into your life. She has an exceptional sensitivity and intelligence in relating and passes on her experience and understanding with great care towards every person. In her sensitive and lighthearted way she has worked for many years with people all over the world.

Alvina was always looking to be part of something bigger, even though she didn't know what that could be. She grew up in a large family which gave her feelings of warmth, security and belonging. Even though this felt very good as a young girl, when she was older she started feeling that being part of a big family didn't give her much freedom to be herself, to feel what she wanted and to make her own decisions.

She continued looking and enrolled in a university, studying social science and psychology to learn about the bigger context of life and what moves people. She tried to find the answer to this in books and seminars but all she found were theories, systems and statistics, which didn't give her what she was really looking for. She joined organizations and groups of friends to be part of something again, but she felt she couldn't be herself and felt limited by the expectations and rules of the group. Being part of something bigger in this way didn't give her what she was longing for deep inside. On the contrary, it seemed to take something away from her and Alvina started feeling very discouraged and even withdrew from others for a while.

Her search eventually led her to an Osho meditation weekend where she learned how to be aware of her deeper nature. She felt her longing to be part of something bigger and at the same time the longing to be herself and understood that both were very important to her. The more she turned her focus in rather than out, she discovered that the connection to something bigger - to the essence of life - is inside of her and naturally happens through meditation. In this way she discovered that she had many treasures and strengths inside and has learned to value these treasures. Today, this helps her to be herself, to express and share her strengths and gifts and let go of old feelings of not being good enough.

Sharing her inner beauty gives her a feeling of being connected with herself as well as with others and even to the whole of life. Now, when she is with her family or other groups of people she enjoys the feeling of being together, of being close to each other. When she is alone she enjoys feeling herself and what is important to her. Her passion is to continue discovering who she really is inside, to express this and to help others find and value the unique treasures within themselves.

Prasad has dedicated his life to living his true nature in love, abundance and freedom and to helping others to do the same. David has warmth, clarity and humor and has the gift of helping people have a deep experience of the inner peace of meditation. He is inspiring and has shown thousands of people how to live their life more fully and richly. He is a graduate of Harvard University and a pioneer in creating personal growth programs that have helped people from all over the world to increase their abilities, intelligence and utilize their potentials. He has synthesized the essence of business, personal growth and meditation.

From an early age, Prasad had always been seeking something in his life. Since he didn't know what he was seeking he tried in different ways. His journey began by seeing a psychiatrist at 16 years old to learn to understand himself better. He went to two universities, studying different curriculums, but whatever he tried he didn't come closer to even knowing what he was looking for, or how to find it. He felt he was going in circles and became unhappy with his life.

The turnaround came when Prasad became interested in design. He started to recognize his calling in life while attending his third university, the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. While studying landscape architecture there, he got in touch with his creativity and expressing this energy was like an explosion inside. It felt like a flood gate had opened and creativity was flowing out of him into his landscape design projects. For the first time, he felt meaning in his life. He realized that creativity is something much greater than creating art. He started to question, "What is the nature of creativity? Where does it come from?"

He began to pay more attention to the creative process itself. While creating designs he noticed that what he created seemed to come to him from nowhere. When he was creating, he noticed a momentary gap in thinking and what he created seemed to come through this gap from a much deeper place inside than his thoughts. He connected with this inner state and realized that it was a space inside that is tremendously peaceful, yet alive, which gives access to something bigger.

He then experimented with applying the creative process to his own life. He realized that when he was connected to this inner space, things in his life happened more easily and in unexpected ways. When he realized that he was struggling to have something in his life that was important to him, he remembered the space and he relaxed, connected inside, and allowed his life to be created from his inner space. In this way he recognized new opportunities that he wasn't able to see before. He attracted people into his life who helped him and became receptive to what life was giving him, even when it came in unexpected ways.

Whenever Prasad connected inside he felt happy and at ease, which inspired him to look for ways to deepen his experience of this inner space. This led him to Osho. Osho showed him that meditation connects him to inner sources of fulfillment he had not known before. Today, he experiences how inner richness creates a rewarding life on many levels. He is living his passion of having both the inner richness of meditation and being fully engaged in life, enjoying what life is giving. His passion is to teach this to you.

Leela is a wise woman who can touch you deeply in your heart. She allows you to be as you are and can support you in nurturing what is essential in you and how to practically express this in your life. She has the gift to embrace and heal conflicting and painful emotions. In her work she creates an atmosphere that puts everyone at ease and brings a lightness to transformation. She has a Master's Degree in Psychology and has worked with thousands of people from more than 35 countries. From her extensive experience of working with so many different people she has a deep understanding of what the heart really is and gives people the experience of their own heart.

From an early age Leela was a loving child and found many ways to give and receive love. She was excited about making little gifts for her parents and her brothers and when they were happy about her gifts she felt the love they gave her in return. Loving and being loved gave her joy and she found many different ways how she could have this beautiful feeling.

When she grew up love became even more important for Leela in her relationships. This sometimes became painful for her and she realized that she often thought she had to do the right thing or be a certain way to be loved. In many of her relationships, she tried to be exactly the person she thought she had to be in order to be loved. She did what she thought made the other happy so that he or she would love her. However, this didn't work. As hard as she tried, she could never be really sure that the other person loved her. And when she was loved, she thought the other only loved her for being the way she tried to be and wouldn't love her if he or she found out how she really was.

Leela knew this couldn't be what she was looking for so she took a break from relationships and followed her quest to find out more about what love really is. This led her to a journey to India where she met Osho. With the help of Osho, she learned to meditate and discovered that the true source of love is inside. Finding love inside of her was a big revelation for Leela and allowed her the possibility to be connected to love at any time, no matter if another person loved her or not. The pressure of having to do something for love disappeared and she experienced a deep sense of relaxation. This transformed her life.

Now, being connected to her love inside makes Leela feel rich and fulfilled and she loves herself as she is. Consequently, her love grows and she naturally expresses it in many ways in her life. She loves others as they are. Today, sharing love naturally attracts love into her life. Everybody wants love. Love is a miracle. Her passion is to teach others how to find love for themselves.

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